Economic Effects of COVID19

COVID19 Pandemic has affected thousands of human lives, businesses and declined economic activities globally. Hundred thousands of people lost their precious lives and caught unguarded.

In this scenario, regional and global countries are helping each other in terms of their expertise, provision of medical equipments besides rendering best possible financial support to the under developed countries.

Astonishingly where the world is fighting this global menace, India discreetly is pursuing its ulterior economic motives by covert lobbying with regional and global players. The prime objective is to terrify the international leading business companies / firms operating from China.

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They are being offered lucrative packages of tax evasion and other business friendly environments to lure them in. May be their policy work to attract few companies, as they are approaching over one thousand multi national companies for investment in India and about 300 companies are likely to be trapped.

Contrary to the above, China is providing anti COVID19 equipment to the Indian mission in Pakistan including masks and gloves. This reflects that China is pursuing the policy of helping other nations. whereas, India is acting as a carpet viper snake to cut the roots of China and pursue her interests at the time when people are fearing Allah and seeking his blessings.

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