About The Consul Magazine

THE CONSUL is not just another monthly magazine on current affairs. THE CONSUL has a different concept and a different editorial philosophy.

This magazine will be different from those in the marketplace today. Unlike others, it will not be a mishmash of half-truths, empty propaganda and unverified news and rumours.

It will be a perfect combination of straight, undiluted information, objective analysis and unbiased opinion on national and international issues.

THE CONSUL will be a voice for peace, justice and truth. It will strive for better understanding between nations and peace in the world. In our write-ups we will highlight the real issues that affect the weal and welfare of the common people.

We will write about world peace, climate change, rising poverty, environment challenges and exploitation of the weak by the strong. We will try to make our humble contribution to making this world a better place for everyone – a world free of war, hatred, discrimination and divisions on the basis of race, age, colour and creed.

A special focus of THE CONSUL will be the foreign diplomatic community in Pakistan. We will give comprehensive coverage to their national days, functions and celebrations with a view to promoting better relations between Pakistan and other countries.

The editorial team behind this publishing venture is headed by the well-known senior journalist, Nasim Ahmed, a former Chief Editor of The Pakistan Times, who has over 40 years of experience in the profession.

Wish you happy and rewarding reading.

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