22,944 women widowed in Indian Occupied Kashmir since 1989

Srinagar: On June 23, 2022 as world marks United Nations’ International Day of Widows thousands of Kashmiri widows mourn brutal killing of their husbands by Indian troops. The genocide in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) continues unabated leaving a blotch on India’s face of a ‘so-called champion of human rights’.

Brutalities in IIOJK reveals a data of over 95,000 killings of Kashmiris, 22,944 plus each widows and orphans, 6,000 mass graves and over 8,000 enforced disappearances since 1989. The life of widows in IIOJK is marked with agony whose husbands have been killed in raising voice for their right to self-determination.

Data showed that around 2500 women have been forced to live as half widows during the past 34. The women whose husbands were subjected to custodial disappearance after arrest by Indian army and police are referred to as half widows.

The situation of widows and half-widows is an eye-opener for the world if it realizes that more needs to be done rather than mere observing an international day for them. Guinness Book of World Records has declared Kashmir as the “planet’s largest militarized territorial dispute”.

Kashmiri women have to make ends meet besides suffering from trauma and constant fear of being mistreated by Indian forces that may hunt, torture and rape women. Arbitrary detentions, extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances are part of what appears to be an ongoing pattern of serious violations of human rights by Indian forces in IIOJK. International community must take notice of Kashmiri’s genocide by India in IIOJK. Web Desk

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