Survey Conducted By Taha Amir, Editor Student Affairs


The Consul conducted a survey among students about the negative influence of the whispering campaign against the State and its various organs by some misguided and misinformed elements in educational institutions. Two questions which were asked are reproduced here along with answers given by students.



Q1. Some people in our educational institutions openly talk against the State of Pakistan, its ideological foundation and against the army. They also spread inter-provincial hatred. Who are these people and what are their aims, motivations, and links?

Q2: What do you think can be done to counter this negative propaganda and save the young generation from their baleful influence?


INSHAL HAIDER, 2nd semester, BS Defence and Strategic Studies, Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad

  1. These are people who are not patriotic and have a political agenda to spread negative image of Pakistan. Most of the people of Pakistan, especially youth, love Pakistan army. Many students also have the aim to join Pakistan army; but these people are painting a false and negative image of our forces, so they remove the love of army from our hearts and make a controversial situation. Their aim is to weaken the defence of Pakistan
  2. To counter this negative agenda and to save youth from their sinister influence we must educate ourselves, and take steps to educate the public so they don’t trust the news that they hear from different and non-authentic sources. People should use authentic sources for news. This can be stopped with the help of politicians too. Some political leaders to divert attention from their own failings blame the army as an institution. Their aim is to poison the minds of the young generations. There should be a law to punish those who unnecessarily drag the name of the army to hide their own mistakes and shortcomings.

Uneeb Ghaffar, 4th semester, BS Defence and Strategic Studies, Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad


  1. I have met some people in my educational life who talk against the State of Pakistan. I think that the main reason behind false arguments of those people is that they are hugely misguided by their respective society. From society I mean that people of different nationalities are mainly involved in these types of things. For example, many Afghans who are living here talk against Pakistan. They erroneously think that all the chaos and war in Afghanistan was carried out by Pakistan. These students have wider links and try to damage the reputation of Pakistan. Some students of Waziristan also have negative views about Pakistan. They also say that  Pakistan was involved in drone attacks from 2004 to 2018.
  2. I think that these misguided people need proper education and  There should be a proper rule which should be implemented in educational institutions that anyone who speaking against the army or State of Pakistan will be proceeded against under law.


MUNIBA KIRAN, 2nd semester, BS Defence and Strategic Studies, Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad

  1. To the extent I have come to know after conversation with those who talk against the State mostly come from backward areas. Their underdeveloped areas are considered as injustice to them. This aggression is deeply rooted in their psyche
  2. The Government should make special efforts for the development of backward areas. Subsidies should be provided to bring the backward areas at par with the developed districts. Provision of better quality of life would help change their views.

ANNA ZAFAR, 2nd semester, BS Defence and Strategic Studies, Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad

  1. I believe that these people don’t belong to any pressure group. In my opinion, they are our people who are sick of the government’s poor governance. But the propaganda against the army seems to be generated by hostile forces. Such propaganda is also based on misconceptions regarding the defence budget. Anti-army sentiments also come from poor human development in Pakistan which is again associated with poor governance and poor governance is linked with the corruption of the nation which some people link with the successive martial laws. Defence budget is a necessary thing for the national security and country’s survival which can’t be decreased as more and more threats are now rising in the volatile South Asian region. So, all in all, governance should be improved, and democratic ideals should be practised ensuring no military regime takes over which will over time terminate such propagandas.
  2. To counter false information, we need to set up strong media influence and create a system that can counter baseless rumours. This will be helpful in identifying fake news and countering it in real time.


HAFSA QADRI, 2nd semester, BS Defence and Strategic Studies, Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad

  1. I don’t think those who speak ill of the State and its institutions have any specific agenda. People say things against the army because of their influence in our politics and bad governance of our political parties. A good part of the budget goes to defence while there’s poverty, unemployment in our country. The budget doesn’t provide for human development; that’s why people are in rage against the government and the army.
  2. We can stop this by serving our nation in a good manner by providing them with good education, health system and other things. This will make them happy, and they will serve the nation in future as well.

RUBAB MEHDI, 4th semester, BS Defence and Strategic Studies. Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad

  1. First, talking about the rights of a citizen is mandatory inside a State. If the State ignores citizens regarding their basic rights automatically they will complain. Secondly, talking against the State in a positive way is different, in the sense of demanding rights, justice, etc. This kind of criticism is a good thing for the sake of reform but openly talking against the State in educational institutions in a negative way is harmful. This amounts to playing into the hands of those waging the 5th generation war against Pakistan. Spreading inter-provincial hatred is not acceptable and reflects the divide and rule strategy of the enemy.
  2. Such negative activities can be countered by promoting and strengthening the sense of nationalism inside educational institutions and creating harmony among people of different provinces. At the same time strict legal measures should be adopted against those spreading the virus of provincialism and extremism.

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