A Message to the Youth: Education is Survival

Rubab Khan

It is time that 22.8 million kids out-of-school get to know that education is their fundamental right. A right they’ve been denied by the governmental policies and societal cruelties. A right when given would result in not only the country progressing in every field but also the economy flourishing. When maximum talent is utilized and a hundred per cent brain capacity of the youth is used, the world would be introduced to wonders no one thought of.

The point to take into account is if the youth is that beneficial, why is the government not taking education as seriously, as it takes building roads, hospitals and dams. We accept that infrastructure, healthcare and dams are long term, but none can be operated without the “functional” members of the society, which forty-four per cent of Pakistan’s future  unfortunately isn’t going to be, because they were deprived of basic educational facilities.

Are they purposefully ignoring this cause, so the youth wouldn’t be empowered and made aware of their rights? So that the corruption of minds and hearts could be continued, and the people could be lured into the traps, spun by the compelling promises of the tyrannical rulers, who care for nobody but themselves. At the moment it’s more essential than ever to be blessed with the light of knowledge, so we could voice our opinions and fight for what’s rightfully ours.

We are an undeniable force. We’ve started the world’s greatest movements including the civil rights movement, and we’re the ones who gave the world all the wonders it might as well thank us for. Let’s not forget Frank Epperson’s popsicle invention, or 13-year-old Alina Morse’s Zollipops. We were the ones who re-wrote history, with our wisdom and knowledge. Surely not ignoring, Arfa Karim’s computer science skills, and Malala’s fearlessness and passion. 

Government has allocated 83.3 billion rupees for Education Affairs and Services in the federal budget for 2020–21. Which is a huge sum of money, and if spent for the cause could make an enormous difference. The schools’ infrastructure in small towns and villages could be made better, bathroom facilities could be improved, furniture and stationery could be provided. We have a right to ask where billions of rupees are being used up, and how many lives have the funds really changed. What would be better than a hundred per cent literacy rate?

NGO’s are working to promote social welfare as well. We need to play our part as individuals. On weekends set up classes on streets, with your peers. Teach the kids cleaning cars, or begging on the signals. If any kind of funds are required start an online funding website, or start door-to-door services. Maybe start writing blogs, or articles like this one. Or simply upload a story, to voice the underprivileged youth, and may be inspire someone else to do something noble.

It is time we focus on youth empowerment, or giving a voice to our youth. It’s now or never, that our youth actually gets involved in the nation’s destiny. Wherever in history, the youth got involved, we made an impact. We need to be involved in our country’s fate and influence it positively. Let’s all promise in this day and age, that we will become the change we want to see occur around us. We would raise voice for our basic fundamental rights, which start with education. It’s crucial for us to get education, to function properly and spread our essence in the world, for it to prosper socially, economically, and environmentally.


Little drops of water, little grains of sand,

Make the mighty ocean, and the pleasant land.

So, the little minutes, humble though they be,

Make the mighty ages of eternity.

~ Julia Abigail Fletcher Carney


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