Abu Dhabi police arrests female beggar owning a luxury car

Abu Dhabi Police has arrested several beggars including a female beggar owning a luxury car. From November to December, UAE police arrested 159 beggars. One of them turned out to be a female beggar owning a luxury car.

Begging is illegal and a crime in UAE. Police have been reminding people to donate to registered charity organizations. If someone is caught begging, they can be fined up to AED 5000 and are jailed for three months. Beggar handlers are given stricter punishments; they are fined AED 100,000 and are jailed for nearly six months.

Begging online is also illegal in UAE. It is a crime to ask for money on social media, via text messages, emails, or other online platforms.

UAE Police is strict in implementing law and order across the Emirate and appreciates citizens who respect the law and help them in maintaining peace and order.

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Last month, Pakistani ex-pat Abdulaziz Abdulhamid received recognition from Dubai authorities for keeping the road safe for commuters in Sharjah during the recent rainfall.

Both the Emirate’s Police and the Ministry of Human and Emiratisation gave him tokens of appreciation. Abdulhamid took the initiative of putting up makeshift barriers to warn drivers of the large, hazardous hole on the roadside, said Sharjah Police.

A patch of sand had sunk and collapsed creating a hazard for motorists. Abdulaziz Abdulhamid got into action and built a barricade with whatever he had available. A video of Abdulaziz Abdulhamid got viral on social media building the barricade and warning the drivers.

“We highly value and appreciate such humane gestures. We cannot thank Abdulaziz enough for what he did; his considerate gesture truly reflects kindness and compassion,” said Khalil Al Khoori, Mohre’s undersecretary for Human Resources Affairs while receiving Abdulaziz at the ministry’s premises.

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