Ambassador of Uzbekistan Furqat Sidikov holds media briefing

Ambassador of Uzbekistan Furqat Sidikov held a media briefing regarding upcoming parliamentary elections being held on December 22. Five officially registered political parties, the National Revival Party, the People’s Democratic Party, the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan, the Social Democratic Party Adolat and the Ecological Party will compete for 150 seats in the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan (the lower house of the parliament.

Elections for regional, city and district councils will be held on the same day. The Senate will be formed following the elections for the legislative chamber. The last parliam

entary elections were held in 2014.

During the briefing, the participants were informed about the fundamental reforms being carried out in Uzbekistan as part of the Strategy for Action on the five priority areas of the development of the republic in 2017-2021, including ensuring the political rights of citizens. The main attention was paid to the upcoming elections to the Oliy Majlis and local councils of our country.

As was noted at the event, in accordance with Article 117 of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, nationwide elections to the Oliy Majlis of the country will be held on the first Sunday of the third decade of December of the current year – this date falls on 22 December.

According to the Central Election Commission, more than 20 million citizens of our country with the right to vote will be able to vote, more than 2 million will take part in the vote for the first time.

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