Apple to launch touch-friendly MacBook Pros

Apple’s touch-friendly MacBook Pros are expected to arrive in 2025, according to Bloomberg sources. The laptop might run macOS and include a standard trackpad and keyboard.

The MacBook Pro, though sticking to its traditional design, might incorporate display taps and gestures like Windows laptops.

The company is expected to expand its touch input to other mac models in the future as well. The report also emphasised that Apple is changing its Mac displays to OLED from LCDs.

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While the company has already launched the TouchBar in 2016, it seemed to be a step towards incorporating full touch screen capabilities: the TouchBar enabled system and in-app shortcuts, spelling suggestions, and other touch-friendly inputs.

The feature wasn’t, however, well received by Apple developers and customers.

While the report isn’t confirmed yet, it seems likely that the tech giant is attempting to compete in the aggressive competitive market of touchscreen laptops.

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