British Government’s Draconian Law

Anyone can be stripped of citizenship without any notice


The British Government has recently and quietly made changes to the ‘Nationality and Borders’ bill.

Clause 9 of the bill – “Notice of decision to deprive a person of citizenship”, now exempts the Government from giving notice to an individual if they deem you are a national security threat. Under the guise of National Security the government can deem you a threat and revoke your citizenship without your knowledge.

The changes are draconian and offer an individual little to no chance to appeal.

Even the worst criminals are allowed to make an appeal and do not have their citizenship revoked but are dealt with under the rule of law. The clause to strip a person’s citizenship without notice should not be allowed to be made law. 

This is especially problematic to British Asian Muslims against whom this law has been used and who now will live in fear as migrants in the UK despite being born here and living here all their lives. 

An individual should be given enough time to make a legal challenge in a British court of law before any decision to revoke citizenship is made.


These laws are against the British values, draconian and violate human rights. It is undemocratic and merciless. Everyone should have a chance to an appeal and to defend themselves. Discrimination appears to be the sole objective of this Bill.


Within 5 days over 100,000 of British citizens have signed the petition demanding the Tory Government stop revoking British Citizenship of ethnic minorities illegally. MPs are now being urged to vote against any such action of this Tory Government.

Citizenship Deprivation is an Order made by the UK government to take away a person’s British Citizenship. Such an Order may be made irrespective of whether the person’s Citizenship was derived through birth, registration or naturalisation.

Deprivation of citizenship isn’t equivalent to a Deportation Order. However, where a person has been deprived of their British citizenship, this will normally prompt removal from the UK, as often, the reason for depriving someone of their British citizenship will also be a ground for the government to issue a Deportation Order. Without the protection of their Citizenship status, the person will normally become liable for removal, if inside the UK.

The government can nullify Citizenship if the applicant used a false identity to apply for Citizenship. Nullification of citizenship is different from Deprivation. The consequence of Nullification is that that the person is considered to never have held British Citizenship. Nullification has a direct implication on the dependents of the principal applicant.

Aside from the damage done to a person’s immigration history, the direct impact of citizenship deprivation can be severe, particularly where a person is forced to leave the UK, and/or cannot return and must reside in a country where they have few or no ties.

It should not be understood that citizenship as a legal human right has always been protected and respected by States. The most agreed opinion on citizenship says that citizenship is a right means to have rights. This fact gives it the attribute of being far more than a social or political fact of attachment to a certain state. Therefore, to be deprived of citizenship means to weaken access to other fundamental rights, such as the right of movement, the right to access education, etc. Citizenship can be described as involving both inclusionary and exclusionary practices that are meant to express the meaning of identity and belonging within a specific political community. From this, one indeed can see that the right to citizenship is widely recognized as a fundamental human right.

Often in such scenarios, the individuals, having made a life for themselves in the UK, lack access to jobs and resources overseas. They may also be at risk of violence or even death in the country to which they have been exiled

To sum up, if you are seeking British Citizenship, know that your Citizenship can later be taken away, even though these cases are rare. If you use false representations in your Citizenship application, you could have your Citizenship later rendered null and void, affecting not only you, but potentially your family too.

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