Chinese envoy hits back at US

  • Chinese envoy Yao Jing was responding to Alice Wells’s statement that CPEC lacked transparency.
  • The ambassador said CPEC projects were investigated and there was no corruption in their affairs.

Expressing his shock at the recent statements made by US Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia Alice Wells, Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Yao Jing said that relations between Pakistan and China were based on win-win cooperation and were mutually beneficial.

Wells during a speech last week warned that Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project would take a toll on Pakistan’s economy at the time of repayments and dividend in the coming years. She further said that CPEC was not an aid to Pakistan but a form of financing that guarantees profits for Chinese state-owned enterprises.

“We hope Pakistanis will ask Beijing tough questions on debt, accountability, fairness and transparency. Ask the Chinese government why it is pursuing a development model in Pakistan, that significantly deviates from what brought China its own economic success,” she said in her speech. Addressing participants at the 5th CPEC Media Forum, Jing reacted to Well’s statement and said it was not appropriate for a high-level government official of the US State Department to comment and communicate her official position on CPEC based on media reports.

“My dear American colleague, before alleging anyone, please be careful that you have enough evidences about certain allegations,” he added. The ambassador said CPEC projects were investigated and that there was no corruption in their affairs. “CPEC is clean,” he said.

Chinese Ambassador Yao Jing: Ms. Alice Wells’ smear on CPEC exposed her ignorance. If US is really concerned about lack of electricity in Pakistan, why didn’t US companies come to build power stations before 2014?

He further said that while China would never ask Pakistan to repay its loans during its needs, International Monetary Fund (IMF), governed mainly by the West, was strict in its repayment system.

The Chinese envoy wondered why the US had suspended its aid promised to Pakistan, adding Washington obviously did because of political priorities. “When in 2013, the Chinese companies were establishing power plants in Pakistan, where was the US? Why it did not invest in Pakistan’s power sector despite knowing that Pakistan was in dire need of electricity?” he asked.

Jing also called upon the media to play its role in nullifying the effects of propaganda against CPEC.”Media is a major vehicle of information and platform of interaction. Media from both Pakistan and China have already been playing role in promoting state-to-state relations,” he said.

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