Cyclone Kills 13, Displaces Thousands in Brazil

A cyclone ripped through southern Brazil, resulting in a tragic loss of lives and the displacement of thousands of people. The state of Rio Grande do Sul experienced torrential rain and powerful winds on Thursday and Friday, causing extensive damage in numerous towns, including Porto Alegre. This calamity adds to the series of weather-related disasters that have beset South America’s largest country.

Lives Lost and Missing Persons in Caraa

The coastal town of Caraa suffered the brunt of the cyclone’s fury. The state civil defense agency reported that the storm claimed the lives of at least 13 people, with two additional bodies discovered recently. The number of missing individuals was revised down to three on Sunday from the previous count of 20.

Tales of Survival Amidst Destruction

Residents recounted harrowing experiences as they faced the cyclone’s wrath. A woman from Sao Leopoldo, whose identity remains unknown, described how the water rose inside their home, reaching waist height. Swift action from the fire department saved them, but the ordeal felt like a nightmare.

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Extensive Damage and Power Outages

Tramandai, another severely impacted town, recorded wind speeds of up to 101.9 kilometers per hour. Alongside loss of life, the cyclone left nearly 5,000 people with damaged houses. Furthermore, around 84,000 individuals remained without electricity as of Sunday. Authorities had previously evacuated around 80 people from high-risk areas, preparing for the impending danger.

Governor’s Aerial Assessment of the Affected Areas

Governor Eduardo Leite of Rio Grande do Sul, accompanied by government and rescue officials, conducted an aerial visit to assess the severity of the situation firsthand. Their aim was to gauge the extent of the damage and coordinate relief efforts efficiently.

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