What is the Death Rate in Corona Virus Patients?

Researchers believe that the death peal from the 1,000 deaths from the Corona virus is between 5 to 40, but the more accurate estimate is that the number is one in 9000, which makes up about 1%.

British Health Minister Matt Hancock said on Sunday that the British government’s best guess is that the Death rate in Corona virus was two percent or less.

But it also depends on many other factors, including the patient’s age, his general health and the health facilities available to him.

How difficult is it to guess mortality rates?

It’s just as tough to do a Doctorate. Counting patients is also a very complex process.

People with most types of viruses, which have mild symptoms, usually do not consult doctors and thus do not include in computation.

The mortality rates in different countries that are being reported and coming to our knowledge cannot be the main reason for the different types of viruses.

According to researchers at Imperial College in the UK, the reason for this is the lack of ability to collect data on multiple and serious cases in different countries.

So the mortality rate may be higher or lower as the actual number of patients is unidentified.

It takes time for a patient to recover or to die after being bare to a corona virus.

If you count all the patients who are going through the process of recovering from a virus or being killed, the mortality rate cannot be accurately estimated because you do not know how many. Patients will recover and many will not be able to respond.

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Medical experts are using the available evidence on individual cases to find answers to these questions so that a complete outline of the mortality rate can be drawn.

For example, patients should be evaluated in a particular group of people, who are closely monitored as are air travelers.

Construct a broad outline based on the conclusions drawn from the various evidence.

If you just look at the data from the city of Hubei, China, where the death toll was higher than in other regions of China, the overall fatality rate and the most worrying one would be.

So scientists make a guess. But it does not reveal a clear picture of the death.

How much of a risk to people like me?

Some people may be more likely to die after the outbreak, such as the elderly, unhealthy, and


In the largest survey ever conducted on 44,000 patients in China, the mortality rate among older

people was ten times higher than that of middle-aged people.

Mortality was the lowest among people under 30 years of age. Of the 45 hundred patients under 30, only eight died.

Diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease were five times higher than the average.

The coronary virus death rate is relatively higher in men than in women.

All of these elements are codependent, so it is not possible to conclude exactly who and what area are at high risk.

What is the danger to people where I live?

The risk factor for people over 80 in China will be different from those in Europe and Africa of the same age.

The severity of your disease and its cure depends on whether you receive any treatment.

Which then depends on what’s available and how serious the outbreak is.

If the outbreak becomes too severe, patients will be rushed to hospitals, which may lead to less intensive care wards and ‘ventilators’..

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