Dreadful stories of deaths in Italy

The corona virus has spread to 183 countries. How does the Corona virus spread in Italy?

Nearly two million people are in the grip of it. More than 11,000 people have been killed in the last five days.

Deaths in Italy

On a daily basis, there are 500 to 600 deaths from Corona virus every hour when about 30 people are visiting Corona. China underwent most when it came to Corona virus, but now Italy has overtaken China.

There have been 427 deaths in Italy on the last day. That means 20 people have been exterminated in every hour, China has overcome Corona from Lock down.

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Italy and Spain initially ignored Lock Down and Corona virus victims doubled daily, February 19 a month ago There were only 20 cases in Italy, but a month later, there have been 41,000 sufferers in Italy, of which about 4,000 have died.

In Italy, the first people were standing in the balcony singing songs; then there were people in the windows of their homes for doctors and health workers, They clapped and even shed Tears for them and also Hoisted the Flags on the balcony.

But now they are not telling each other that everything will be alright. Now there is a lot of sadness. Now the stories of people’s personal lives are being hidden in the newspapers that death is taking place, but in the situations in which they are dying without their loved ones. Without children in hospitals alone, such stories have kept Italy from crying.

How can it be that in a city like Italy where there is the best health system in the world, there are so many deaths and the Corona virus spreads to such an extent?

Experts say that there are a large number of older people in Italy, and yet the majority of deaths in Italy are happening to older people.

The second reason is that people in northern Italy are more likely to smoke.

The third big thing is that in Italy, the Corona virus was hammering its paws, so irresponsible behavior was found that people were told that you should not meet people living and instead remain in their homes. This is that people in Italy are neither blaming the health system nor blaming the ruler, they are blaming themselves.

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