Fascist Modi regime can’t mislead world by hosting G20 summit in held Kashmir

Srinagar: India’s being member of G-20 is planning to host the summit in the occupied region. It has set up a committee to make arrangements for the event.

BJP led Indian government wants to bolster its normalcy claims by holding next G-20 summit in IIOJK. G-20 summit in IIOJK is a smokescreen aimed at diverting international attention from massive human rights violations in the territory being perpetrated by Indian troops under fascist Modi Regime. Hosting G-20 summit in Kashmir is aimed at misleading the world community about the real situation vis-a-viz Kashmiris’ freedom struggle.

Indian government has already tried to show normalcy in the troubled region by holding investment conference from Gulf countries and is now going a step further by hosting a G-20 summit. It is expected that in case of any such controversial proposal from India, which would be designed to seek international legitimacy for an illegal and tyrannical occupation continuing for over seven decades, G-20 members will be fully cognizant of the imperatives of law and justice and would reject it out-right. Pakistan has rejected India’s attempt to hold G-20 Summit in disputed territory.

The only way to lasting peace in South Asia is by granting the people of IIOJK their inalienable right to self-determination as pledged to them in the relevant UN Security Council resolutions. Web Desk

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