Healthcare is a right, not a privilege

Farhan Khan

The Consul’s Special Correspondent Farhan Khan’s Exclusive Report on Fatima Mukhtar Health Clinic

“Healthcare is a right not a privilege”. This motto is the main driving force of a very special clinic, located in Lahore, named Fatima Mukhtar Healthcare Clinic. Established 8 years ago, its aim was to provide affordable healthcare to vulnerable segments of society, as their team believes that healthcare should be accessible and affordable for all.

With just 20 rupees token. anyone can have best possible healthcare services. Patients are examined, provided laboratory services if needed, and given medication. All this in prices affordable for general public. Average number of daily patients is 700 to 800, who are dealt with utmost respect, despite the fact that most of the patients come from lower middle class background. Like any other expensive private  clinic, the staff here follow the SOPs strictly and keep the clinic clean all the time.

Started with only one doctor and a single ultrasound machine, over the years, with commitment and dedication , this clinic has now successfully established its independent laboratory and has a qualified team comprising general physicians, gynecologists, associate professors, pediatricians and so on.

FMHC offers state of art diagnostic facilities in Pakistan. The Laboratory facilities are modern with automated equipment and procedures. The lab is run by experienced pathologists and lab technicians focus on quality in order to gain the trust of patients.

General Physicians are trained to provide optimal medical care. They are trained in adult medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics, geriatric medicine, and musculoskeletal care. In addition to diagnose and treat acute and chronic illnesses, physicians in the clinic provide required health screenings and counseling on lifestyle changes.

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