The list of recognized and illegal Universities and Campuses from HEC

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has issued a list of illegal/non-recognized campuses of universities and higher education institutions in Pakistan. The degrees of the students enrolled in any degree program in these institutions will not be recognized by HEC. Hence, students are informed not to seek admission to these institutions.

HEC recognizes degrees of chartered universities/higher education institutions (HEls) from the public and private sector in Pakistan along with their approved campuses at specific places as mentioned on the HEC website. The status of colleges affiliated with public sector universities can be confirmed from respective universities. Private sector HEls are not allowed to grant affiliation and can only operate through their accredited Main Campus and accredited campus/sub-campus having No Objection Certificate (NOC) of HEC as reflected on the HEC website.

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Students are cautioned not to take admission in any fake, illegal/Unlawful, and unrecognized institution. The list of fake, illegal, unlawful, and unrecognized institutions in Pakistan identified up till now is being published here and is also available on the HEC website at Moreover, any campus/sub-campus, college, branch, or outpost established without the approval of HEC and not listed on HEC website shall be treated as fake, illegal, unlawful and unrecognized, and the degrees obtained after studying at such places will not be recognized by HEC.

Any other university/HEI which is not listed in HEC Recognized Universities/Institutions/Campuses available at HEC website and are operating unlawfully shall be treated as a fake, illegal, unlawful, and unrecognized institution by HEC. In the larger interest of the general public and to safeguard the future of students, it is advised to verify the recognition status of the university/institution or its campuses from the HEC website/regional offices before seeking admission. Degrees obtained from fake, illegal, unlawful, and unrecognized institutions/campuses will not be recognized by HEC.

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