Hindutva Psyche Inhumane

Almost in every country of the world, there is Hindu diasporas living and settled from decades. Most of the Hindu population are living in gulf as well as Middle East muslims countries. Around 6.3 million Hindu lives and work in Saudi Arabia, 9 million in UAE, 1.6 million in Oman, 5 million in Pakistan and 5 million in Bangladesh and the list is going on. However the point is that so far no muslim state has ever forced any Hindu to say Allahu Akbar or to recite Kalma Shahadat. Million of Hindus living in muslims states are free to perform their religious obligations with no restriction from the state. They never experienced any identity crises like citizen amendment act or any brutal designed massacres like that of Delhi in recent post against muslims. It would be difficult to find a single incident of mob lynching happened to any Hindu in any muslim country. Why its happening in India only that they are victimizing the muslims moralities without any reason? When the UN will stop these abuses and take tangible actions against Indian govt? No solution is apparently expected in future and this will happen to Indian Muslims again & again.

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