Hurriyat leaders express apprehension over Yasin Malik’s pronouncement of hunger strike

Srinagar: Syed Ali Geelani, chairman of the All Party Hurriyat Conference in occupied Kashmir and other Hurriyat leaders expressed concern over the Yasin Malik’s pronouncement of hunger strike the chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front,who is illegally detained by Modi government. They warned of the possible consequences that in the event of any unpleasant incident with Yasin Malik, India will be solely responsible for it.

According to Kashmir Media Service, Syed Ali Gilani said in a statement in Srinagar that the Indian government had planned to execute Mohammad Yasin Malik. He expressed apprehension over the health failure of Yasin Malik, saying that he was suffering from multiple diseases and that the Indian administration had detained him illegally.

Yasin Malik's pronouncement of hunger strike

The Hurriyat chairman stressed on international human rights organizations, especially the United Nations, to take notice of the plight of detained Kashmiri leaders and play their role in restoring their rights.

In a statement yesterday, Khawaja Firdous, chairman of the unit and Democratic Political Movement of the Hurriyat Conference, expressed deep concern over the announcement of a deadly hunger strike by Yasin Malik and appealed to the international community, especially the UN Human Rights Council to pressurize India to release chairman of Liberation Front.

He said that the Indian courts and judges have been dealing with the Kashmiri political detainees with impartiality and unfair treatment.

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He said that global organizations would have to understand why the Yasin country felt the need to declare a deadly hunger strike. He insisted Yasin Malik to appear in court to clarify his position, saying that exercising his right to self-protection is his basic right that he should not be deprived.

Caravan Islamic Jammu and Kashmir spokesman Mufti Jalaluddin Hamei said in a proclamation that the Indian court’s accusations against Yasin Malik in a decades-old false case show their maliciousness.

He said that the move seems to suggest that India’s Hindu nationalist government and the reputed judiciary are plotting a conspiracy to impeach another Kashmiri leader. He said that it was very sad to see the Supreme Court of India supporting the Indian nationalist government take political revenge against political leaders of Kashmir.

He regretted that the Indian judiciary has always bloodied justice in the case of Kashmiris.

He said that earlier Kashmiri leaders Mohammed Maqbool Butt and Mohammad Afzal Gow Row were also hanged in Tihar Jail in New Delhi and their bodies are still buried in jail today.

Meanwhile, Syed Faiz Naqshbandi, the conveyor of the Azad Kashmir branch of the party’s Hurriyat Conference, expressing concerns in a statement issued in Islamabad that Liberation Front chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik over the announcement of the hunger strike saying that the Chairman of the Liberation Front was arrested by the Indian Investigation Agency (NIA) on 22 counts last year on false charges and imprisoned in the notorious Tihar Jail in New Delhi despite his rapidly health failure.

He condemned Yasin Malik’s constant illegal detention and said that the Liberation Front chairman’s family is not being allowed to meet him. He said that the imprisonment of Yasin Malik in the decades-old false case is a link to Indian measures to prevent Kashmiris from continuing their struggle for their right to self-determination.

Abdul Majid Malik, the leader of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Movement and Deputy Chairman of the Jammu and Kashmir People’s Movement yesterday condemned the ongoing illegal imprisonment of the chairman of the Alliance Front, saying that the Indian government has planned to hang Mohammed Yasin Malik.

He said that Yasin Malik has been kept in Tihar Jail Detail Cell. He grieved over that Yassin Malik, suffering from various ailments, was being deprived of all basic facilities including medical treatment. He warned India that if something unfortunate happened to Yasin Malik, Modi government would be responsible for it.

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