Imran Khan’s pilot also facing threats now

The pilot of PTI Chairman and former Prime Minister Imran Khan is allegedly receiving threats, PTI leader Asad Umar has claimed.

Taking to Twitter, federal minister Asad Umar revealed that the pilot who flies Imran Khan to jalsas is receiving threatening phone calls from unknown sources. It remains unknown who threatened the pilot, however, PTI leaders are lashing out at the incumbent government.

“Pilot flying Imran Khan to jalsas getting phone calls and being given threats. How low will they sink! Pakistan under fascism,” Asad Umar tweeted.

Ever since Asad Umar’s revelations surfaced, PTI leaders are accusing the PML-N led government of being behind the threatening phone calls. Former SAPM Dr. Shahbaz Gill warned that if anything happens to Imran Khan, the nation should know who is behind it.

“The pilot of the plane used during PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s meetings is receiving threatening calls from unknown numbers. It seems there is no limit to the use of force. You want to cross the threshold of intimidation. But the fear of the nation is gone,” Shahbaz Gill tweeted.

“If Khan Sahib’s plane was damaged on the ground or in the air, then the nation should remember who is doing all this – first private companies were threatened for giving the plane. Attempts were made to cancel our trips by deliberately malfunctioning planes. Now the pilot of our existing plane is being threatened,” he further added.

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