India only for Hindus

The Consul: Muslims are a different category. They are not equal to Hindus.Any country that has 30% Muslims is in trouble”.

This was the statement given by senior BJP leader Subramanian Swamy which is clear flouting of article 14 of Indian constitution and articles 1,3,4,5 and 6 of UN Charter which advocates equality of peoples and the right of self-determination.

According to Mr Swamy equality was among equals and Muslims were not equal to Hindus and the BJP government had fulfilled one of its pre-election pledge. These remarks merits attention of all Muslim countries and the members of UN.

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The Indian Government stance must be discussed on every International forum as this is the first step towards muslims genocide in India. Still after the episodes of Babri Masjid verdict, Citizen Amendment Act, Annexation of Kashmir, Delhi riots and hundreds of incidents which clearly shows the Muslim hatred, the present BJP government is highly ambitious to stab Muslims deeper and deeper.

The Muslim world and the world represented by UN failed to realize that the mass conversion of Muslims and Christians to Hinduism is the beginning of sinister agenda of Hindutva. India is emerging as a racist nation and has continued its non-compliance of UN resolutions on Kashmir and now this has aggravated the intensity of its fascist philosophy. The world should react and contain Indian anti-Muslim designs.

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