President delivers an address to the nation every year: Ambassador Kistafin

ISLAMABAD: Ambassador of Kazakhstan YerzhanKistafin has said President of Kazakhstan Kassym-JomartTokayev in his address to the nation assured that his government would undertake all possible steps to improve a lot of the people and further develop infrastructure.

The ambassador made these observations during a press conference at his residence RECENTLY.

He said, every year the President Tokayev delivers his address to the Nation, articulating his views and must-to-do things to keep Kazakhstan on the track of progress and sustainable development.

Ambassador Kistafin said the first part of the address was about economic development of the country in the post-Covid-19 period. This development comprises mostly the measures to be taken by the government in the field of supporting business, employment, industrialization, and strategic sectors of the economy, like agriculture.

The second part was about increasing the efficiency of the National Healthcare system.

The third part was about high-quality education.  In this field, the President tasked authorities concerned to provide sufficient telecommunication systems to cover all school and university students for them to be able to study online.

The fourth part of the address was about the improvement of our regional policy, which is always an urgent matter, given the huge territorial size of Kazakhstan and physical distances between the regions and the Center. It means that regional authorities should be constantly more involved in resolving local problems of any kind with no wasting time to coordinate their actions with the Center, which in the case of Kazakhstan may be far away from a region concerned.

The fifth part of the address was about making the domestic labour market adequate to the global trends. The President paid particular attention in this regard on growing emergence of online-services in our labour market and people, who are employed in providing online-services, just couriers or taxi-drivers.

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