Korean Monks thank Pak Govt for taking care of Buddhist sites


Ambassador Sung-KyuKwak of Republic of Korea hosted a dinner in honour of a visiting delegation of Korean monks. The delegation was headed by The Most Venerable Won-Haeng, President TheJogye Order of Korean Buddhism. He is also Chairman, Association of Korean Buddhist Orders. The delegation visited ancient sites of Buddhist civilization at Taxila and various other places in the old Gandhara region stretching to Peshawar, Hazara and Swat valleys.

The Most Venerable Won-Haeng in his address to the reception said, for the monks’ delegation from Korea, the visit was a holy pilgrimage of most spiritual value. He said, the Buddhist sites in Pakistan are of utmost importance to the Buddhists world over. The followers of Buddhist faith feel spiritually elated by visiting sites in Pakistan linked with Lord Buddha and his sacred relics.

The Most Venerable Won-Haeng said, there was need for Pakistan to promote religious tourism, especially relating to ancient Buddhist sites. He was happy to note that the Buddhist sites are being preserved by the Pakistan government and the Bhuddhists are warmly received not only by the Pakistan government but also by the people living close to the sites.

Addressing the reception the Korean ambassador welcomed the delegation of monks from his country and said that more and more Buddhists would be coming to Pakistan on pilgrimage to the holy sites. He thanked the Pakistan government for taking care of Buddhist sites in the country.

The reception was attended by ambassadors from central Asian and other countries.

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