Letter from Dubai

Pakistan in Dubai

Dear Pakistan,

Pakistan’s culture and heritage have trickled past borders and reached Dubai. This month, specifically, saw events that further strengthened the bond shared by Pakistan and the UAE.

Currently, the science sector is one of the world’s most dynamic professional area. Multitudes of young, passionate Pakistanis step foot in the world of medicine each year, also making it one of the most popular fields of work. This month, the Arab Health Exhibition and Congress, hosted at Dubai World Trade Centre, is set to exhibit 15 Pakistani companies. Pakistanis in Dubai are especially proud of the firms who have taken the initiative to represent Pakistan in front of the estimated 85,000 guests.

As well as this, the UAE and Pakistan were brought closer together this month by a man named Khalid Al Ameri. His wholesome vlog is adorned with breathtaking images and  his  interactions with Pakisani people, and it is safe to say, he was all-praise for the country. With people like Ameri finally understanding and acknowledging the misconceptions that surround Pakistan, we can proudly say the country is heading in the right direction.

Expo 2020 is fast-approaching and Dubai’s population is beyond excited to witness “the greatest show of our time.” Citizen Foundation of Pakistan has been selected in the Global Best Practice sector of the show. They aim to exhibit the numerous aspects of their foundation and how it is contributing to revive education in Pakistan.

This month revealed Pakistan’s progress not only economically, but also socially. The growing passion of the Pakistani population back home and here, in Dubai, is the basis of this progress and to evolve further, we must maintain this attitude to take Pakistan to its maximum potential.

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