Mashal: A symbol of hope

Mashal Association started small in 1987 with handicraft workshops in Nadola and Bari Imam Villages. It was later able to open two more workshops at Lal Quarters and Phuwari.

Women learnt stitching and embroidery skills at these centers. A mobile dispensary with volunteer doctors was taken to the villages too.

Mashal Association with the help of donations, grants and its own fund-raising sources, has been able to build its Complex called Gosha-e-Mashal located in Margalla town, a distance of approximately 12 km from Islamabad. The Complex became operational in 1997.

The Complex is comprised of Industrial Home, Vocational Training Center, an education section and a fully equipped medical unit.

A fully equipped family planning advisory unit has been established and is operational. The surrounding community is responding very well to our efforts.

It is also a place where women and young girls are taught craft, sewing, knitting and baking skills, so that they may be able to earn an income and become productive citizens of our society. Our school imparts education from 4th up to 10th grade.

In short, “Gosha-e-Mashal” means HOPE!

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