Meager Corona, Opulent Corona

Buying Grocery for home from a general store in our neighborhood, I saw a man who was stocking mineral water boxes, but was mulishly saying that he doesn’t want those that are imported from Pakistan but the ones that should came from Dubai.

When the general storekeeper said he was not available, he swung the car keys and headed to a better store.

Right across the street from my local store is Cafe Clifton, the famous public hotel in Karachi, Rich corona, Opulent coronaIt is so public that it is not even closed on Eid. There are very few places in Karachi where laborers sit and drink tea together.

There is also free breakfast in the morning. For years I have been seeing that the line for a cup of tea and Paratha is getting longer. People also bring their six children.Waiting for breakfast shows people that they are working people, not beggars.

I have seen uniformed private security guards, rickshaw-puller and sometimes, I also see a policeman holding a gun in his one hand and a Paratha & tea in his other hand.

The Sindh government made the decision and they rightly decided to shut down all bargain shops except for Grocery Stores. I am in for years and never seen the café Stutdown except for this time then I realized there is a rich corona which is in search of Nestle Water Bottles and there is a poor Corona who is deprived of free tea in the morning.

Karachiites consider themselves very resilient. I’m saying that we are abstinent people. Whether its Rangers operation, refugees coming from other disasters in the country are flooded or devastating terrorist attacks, we are accustomed of forgetting and the two days later we stand so calmly on the Pan Shop and asks, “And how are you doing?”

We may call it brazen or bravery, but the fact is that most of the people in city do not have the capacity to limit themselves to their homes because of any fear and trauma.

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Rich corona, Opulent corona

More than half of the city’s population is labor. Every day they dig well, they drink water every day. The house does not have food for more than four or five days. When the whole Karachi was closed within half an hour under Altaf Hussain’s footsteps, after 48 hours people were slowly leaving for their businesses, saying “Bhai Gaya”.

But now where they should go to work? Outside every poor rich school is a roasted corn seller or coffee shopkeeper which is now closed because School closed so the avocation is.

At the corner of every small market, a cobbler who makes fair earning by polishing the shoes of the People and knitting the Chapels of the laborers, as now the market is closed so his employment is.

From the Green Tea Seller on the beach to coffee shops, croakers, camels and horseback riders. The beach is closed and the house stove closed.

Waiting for some work to be done to get some earning while sitting on the roadside having hammer, chisel, drill machine, paint brush, whether they feed their themselves or avoid corona?

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Balloons seller, selling children toys at the traffic signal and an old woman calling you a Haji for 10 rupees, where will all these people go after the city’s lockdown?

Rich corona, Opulent corona

Opponents of the Sindh government and those who think of abusing Bhutto is their political duty are convinced that the Sindh government has performed better than the rest of the provinces. Schools, colleges, markets are closed to prevent people from this epidemic disease.

Now, what better way could be done to arrange food and other basic necessities for these workers from the network of charities spread across the city such as Edhi, Sailani, Peace Foundation and many others? Otherwise Opulent ones will limit themselves to their houses drinking mineral water, but the laborer will be compelled to look for a living with risk his life.

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