Pakistan – Qatar Ties Applauded

Mishal Mohammad Al Ansari, Consul General of the State of Qatar to Karachi joined the anniversary of the National  Day for the accession of Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed, the Founder of the State of Qatar, to the rule of the country at a local hotel in Karachi.

Speaking on the occasion, he thanked Pakistan government for cooperation and hospitality.

He said that the bilateral ties between Pakistan and Qatar are based on ‎strong foundations of common faith and culture as well as shared values ‎and aspirations. “Pakistan-Qatar relations have gone from strength to strength & recent visit of Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani Emir of the State of Qatar to Pakistan and the signing of multiple MoUs are the reflection of both nations mutual commitment  to this enduring relationship,” he said.

Furthermore the cooperation between the two states in the fields of defense and security is indicative of a security narrative that is intertwined, the consul general added. He said that the State of Qatar had always admired the resilience, and determination of the people of Pakistan who had never shied away from challenges, on the contrary they persevered and flourished in spite of it.

” Pakistan is a country blessed with enormous natural reserves and manpower and is seen as a model of economic development around the world, and there is much praise for its economic progress.” After the independence of Pakistan,

the pace of economic development was exemplary, it is envisioned that Pakistan will be a hallmark of sustainable growth and progress with in the next few years.”

He said anniversary of the National Day for the accession of Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed, the founder of the State of Qatar, to the rule of the country is an embodiment of ideals and visionary aspirations that the country was founded on and Qatar has realized this vision by steadily moving down the path of ultimate progress and development. The consul general said that the founder of the State of Qatar had succeeded in running the affairs of the country with the support of the Qatari people, consolidating the national rule under his leadership.

“Being one of its iconic leaders, and the architect of its modern revival, the rule of Sheikh Hamad was a dawning era of massive economic, social & cultural development for Qatar which was further augmented by Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani. Consequently Qatar remains one of the most competitive and powerful economies in the region.”

He said Qatar is considered to be an attractive business, trade and investment destination due to its strategic position, abundant oil and gas reserves and a global standard infrastructure. It is home to  Qatar Airways which flies to more than 160 international destinations. The State of Qatar is known for being a country where the rule of law prevails; as such being the host of FIFA 2022 football world is a validation of all of the above stated facts.

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