Secularism Crying loud

Throughout history the evolution of theocratic states to political systems and its interpretations in the form of despotism, democracy and secularism, the current era is witnessing the most ugliest case study of a political state——-India.

Looking and considering the multi ethnicity of India, the framers of its constitution adopted a meticulous approach in carving its articles and its far sighted effects on governments and generations to come. Taking care of the rights of Indian minorities, the framers ensured the subject of equality through adopting the concept of secularism. Unequivocally it was the best contour and the panacea for all ethnic evils of India. Ironically the concept of secularism is mistaken and wrongly interpreted by the BJP government, leaving no opportunity to target the Muslims of India and promoting its ruthless ideology of Hindutva.

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It is fact commonly unknown that secularism amalgamating with democracy add cohesion to the integration of a state provided if implemented in true letter and spirit. Secularism has great benefits in modern political world and has three main pillars.

Firstly it means that separation of religious institution from state. Which means that Church should be kept separate from state. Religion may participate but cannot dominate in the affairs of state.

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On the contrary Indian state presently is misusing the concept of secularism. The current BJP government is purely pursuing the commands of Hindutva and victimizing the Muslim minorities in one way or others. Secularism is bleeding in India in the shape of atrocities in Kashmir, the citizen amendment act, the carnage in Delhi recently and many other ways.

Secondly the word secularism encompasses its meaning of freedom to practicing one’s faith without harming others. Again the definition of word secularism must be altered in India, as with frequent intervals in Indian history, the churches have been burnt, Babri Masjid was demolished and Sikh’s sacred Golden temple was raided by Indian forces causing great damage to its repute.

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Let Hindus and Hinduism to prevail but contain other religions is totally against the spirit of secularism and International laws and values. Manipulating citizens laws with secret motives against Muslims, demographic maneuverings in Muslim concentrated areas like Jammu and Kashmir and state induced groups like RSS to intimidate Muslims as happened recently in Delhi riots are repugnant to the basic philosophy of secularism.

Thirdly equality of all, is the characteristic of a secular state. There is no need to explain this feature while taking India as a case study. The recent interview of Indian Minister concludes it all. According to him Muslims of India are not equal to the Hindus and other minorities. What a crap! Where is the constitution and secularism and its insurance of equal rights ? Serious questions are raising against the BJP government and about the future of Indian citizens having their irrevocable bond to their motherland.

Modi led India seems to be slipped over the edge into an abyss in which ethnic massacres and counter massacres may emerge on a large scale. The statue of secularism in India has been axed by its own leaders. Secularism is taken over by theocracy once again and the situation might reach to the point of no return. Never ever there was true secularism implemented in India. However if it is there in any shape or area, it is crying loud.



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