Taliban Official Calls for Eliminating Neckties

KABUL: A senior Taliban official in Afghanistan claimed on Wednesday that neckties are a symbol of the Christian cross and should be banned.

Mohammad Hashim Shaheed Wror, the director of the Invitation and Guidance Directorate, a division that aims to direct individuals along right Islamic lines, stated that he occasionally sees an Afghan Muslim engineer or doctor wearing a necktie when he visits hospitals and other places.

He claimed that the symbolism of the tie “is obvious in Islam” in a speech that was aired on Tolo TV.

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How do ties work? The cross, that is. You must destroy it because Sharia commands you to, the man added.

Since the Taliban took control in August 2021, men are not subject to any dress regulations, but women are required to wear a headscarf when in public. The uniform for Afghan Taliban officials is a shalwar kameez, waistcoat, and turban.

After the Taliban took control, casual Western attire became less widespread, yet some professionals still wear a collar and tie.

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