Thousands of hospital doctors walk out in latest UK strike

In the most recent round of industrial action, UK hospital physicians went on a three-day pay strike on Monday, the first day of a week that will also see teachers, train workers, and government employees strike.

The doctors say years of below-inflation pay increases mean they have effectively had a 26 per cent pay cut since 2008.

Ahead of the stoppage, the body that represents them, British Medical Association (BMA), launched an advertising campaign claiming a newly qualified doctor earned less than some coffee shop staff. “Pret a Manger has announced it will pay up to $17.13 per hour,” the ad said.

“Thanks to this Government you can make more serving coffee than saving patients. This week junior doctors will take strike action so they are paid what they are worth.” The strike by so-called junior doctors — a category of doctors who are not senior specialists but who can still have decades of experience — is the longest they have ever staged. Cover will be provided by the senior specialists, known as consultants.

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