UK foreign minister raises issue of BBC raids in India

NEW DELHI: During a meeting with his counterpart in New Delhi on Wednesday, British Foreign Minister James Cleverly brought up the subject of tax searches at the BBC’s headquarters in India.

In response, Cleverly was “firmly told that all entities operating in India must comply fully with relevant laws and regulations”, an Indian government source said.



Last month, India’s tax authorities spent three days searching the BBC offices in New Delhi and Mumbai, where they cloned data from the digital devices of some senior employees.

Cleverly did not share details about the conversation with India’s Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar ahead of a G20 foreign ministers’ meeting on Thursday.

“The conversations I had with him are best to keep with him. I did raise it,” he told in an interview.




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“One of the advantages of having such a strong and professional relationship with Dr Jaishankar is I am able to bring up, and indeed he brings up with me, some of these sensitive issues. I did raise it with him.” However, he said that the vast bulk of the conversation was about positive bilateral work.

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