Fascist Modi’s distraction plan behind killing of renowned Vatsu expert Chandrashekhar Guruji

Karnataka: Chandrashekhar Guruji (57) of Sarala Vastu fame was stabbed to death by two assailants in the lobby of a hotel in Hubballi, Karnataka.

He was in the hotel to attend a family function. He was a well-known Vastu expert across the state and was regular on several Kannada TV channels, hosting programmes related to the ancient architectural disciplines. He was strong proponent of promoting Hindu culture through his programs.

He was a soft target for the extremist Hindus organizations. His killing is seen as part of what Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has recently said, ‘next distraction’ game by Modi-led BJP government in India.

However, his killing has been staged by the Hindutva elements at the behest of the RSS-BJP government to place the onus of the murder possibly on Muslims to malign them and also to provide some relief to the Modi government from criticism for its role in a recently committed Udaipur murder incident. Web Desk

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