Jahangirpuri violence was pre-planned: Fact Finding Report

New Delhi: A fact finding team of Communist Party of India-Delhi State alleged that the violence broke out in Jahangirpuri in North Delhi was engineered by BJP-RSS.   The team said it was a part of violence that erupted in several states on the occasion of Ramanavmi.

A CPM delegation led by Comrade Vivek Srivastava and Comrade Sanjeev Kumar Rana visited Jahangirpuri area  on Saturday  .They were accompanied by comrades of CPI(M).

Fact finding was done and the delegation talked to various people of both communities .There has been no communal violence in the area for more than forty years.

According to the report, “The minority community assured us that the procession of Hanuman Jayanti took  circles around the masjid area three times. The procession was armed with swords, knives and other things like sticks. There was slogan shouting done to instigate the minority community people from the masjid . Minority community with folded hands requested the procession to move ahead. But the crowd had come with a motive to create problems .The BJP_RSS  combine has started creating communal disturbances between  the communities across the nation of which the Jahangirpuri area also became a part”.

A communal confrontation erupted in North Delhi’s Jahangirpuri district on the evening of Saturday, April 16, after a Hindutva parade allegedly attempted to wave a saffron flag in front of a local mosque. Delhi police arrested 14 people, all of whom are Muslims. More Muslim teenagers were apprehended in the second half of Sunday, in addition to the 14 mentioned in a FIR filed by the police. Muslim Mirror

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