Nowruz celebrated with joyous display of rich culture of Central Asian States

ISLAMABAD. The Central Asian countries embassies along with embassies of Azerbaijan, Turkey, Afghanistan and Iran joined hands to celebrate Nowruz festival at the lush green lawns of Serena Business Complex. These countries established there stalls where they put on display various items depicting the culture of the respective country.

Besides, a variety of food stuff was also made available on these stalls. The Central Asian pilaf (pullao) available almost on all stalls of Central Asian states became a must-eat dish.

Pakistani visitors especially took a great interest in this kind of pullao and enjoyed the tasty Central Asian delicacy to the full.

Likewise, pieces of art exhibited by embassies of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan also attracted huge attention of the visitors. President of Pakistan Arif Alvi who graced the occasion as the chief guest, congratulated the member countries for hosting such an impressive event.

The President also went to each and every stall mixed up with the people and got information about various aspects of life style of the respective country.

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